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At your arrival in the saltpans, you are welcomed by a flock of flamingos taking flight above you. a pile of salt, some salt-workers harvesting the salt. That’s the welcome that you receive when you arrive in Cervia. A taste of history pervades the ancient quadrilateral city centre and the area of the Salt Storehouses. A little farther, the Fishermen neighborhood, with its lined-up houses, mirrors onto the canal. Two cultures - the salt-workers'and the fishermen's, which were once counterposed, meet here to tell you about the soul of a vibrant, hospitable town.


This is the last of the 144 small saltpans existing before salt production was turned into industrial in 1959. At that time, the saltpans were unified to form a big collection of basins. Nowadays, “Camillone” Saltpan is the only small saltpan left and an integral part of the salt museum. Salt is still extracted but for demonstration only, that is to make visitors understand the salt workers’ hard work. The site seasonal production can range in between 500 and 2,000 hundredweights.
During the whole summer season, June to September, guided tours are offered by the Cultural Association “Civiltà Salinara” on Thursdays and Sundays at 5 pm. In this excursion you can see the different salt collection phases. Today as in the past, the whole saltpan production is still handcrafted, using wooden tools and ancient methods. During visits, salt workers show visitors their work and also explain them why Cervia’s salt is known as being “sweet”: it does not contain any bitter salts which, thanks to the local climate and to the daily salt collection, do not have a chance to deposit.


If you come to Milano Marittima looking for relax and wellness, you could devote yourself to the care of the body and mind at the Cervia thermal baths: here you can regenerate and relax yourself with wellness treatments for your health and beauty, thanks to the benefic properties of the salso-bromo-iodic water and the saline muds.

  • Balneotherapy
  • Mud therapy
    • Inhalations
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • suitable for children, they can be performed under medical supervision and prescription. Thanks to a group of children's entertainers, the minors are not likely to get bored at the spa. Entertainers are present every morning to play and arrange creative workshops.

Here you can choose to play sports in the gym, relax in the solarium or in the spa pool, making a traditional massage, as well as holistic or shiatsu kind, or choose from the many cosmetic treatments: regenerating, anti-aging, anti-stress.


Situated in the heart of a lively and modern town like Milano Marittima this unspoilt corner not only represents a greenery area, but provides the opportunity to relax between scents and colors of nature, to stroll and discover the wild and domestic animals, to explore the area and enjoy themed trails, such as the botanical path, where you can discover the vegetation and traditional plants including the famous maritime pine.

The pinewood grove is a protected area belonging to a large forest area.

The wealth of flora and fauna make it a place of great naturalistic interest.

The two species of mediterranean pine trees cover a big area: as regards the animal population, the pine grove hosts several wild birds, including scops owl, hoopoe, Eurasian wrynecks, common whitethroat, spotted flycatcher, melodious warbler and the common noctule, rare bat of forests, linked to the presence of large trees.

Wetlands are populated by European pond terrapins and European tree frogs; the waterways and canals are teeming with fishes (Mediterranean killifish, three-spined stickleback) and reptiles (Italian three-toed skink, Aesculapian snake).

The House of Butterflies

the beautiful House of Butterflies is a magnificent greenhouse where you will find the climate and the vegetation of the rainforests. Inside the greenhouse you can admire hundreds of beautiful butterflies and you will be immersed in a wonderful natural scenario, which includes tropical plants as ficus trees and banana trees, shrubs and various other exotic plants, embellished with flowers with bright colours. Among the vegetation there are also carnivorous plants that eat insects and contribute to maintain the equilibrium of the eco-system inside the greenhouse.

The visit dedicates its activity to the study of the environment and to the services ensuring the protection of the environment and of the eco-system. It will be instructive and interesting for all visitors to follow the botanic and naturalistic path inside the greenhouse, especially organized to illustrate the aspects and the importance of the flora and the fauna recreated within, as well as the outdoor botanical path, to deepen many subjects related to the plants of the area.


A perfect place for children and teenagers to spend hours of leisure and recreation, located inside the Natural Park of Cervia Pinewood. It is an original alternative to the ordinary amusement parks: with Tibetan bridges and wooden walkways, pines and firs, small bridges, slopes and pulleys. It offers adventure trails of various types and levels, where children and teenagers of different ages can have fun by jumping and leaping down, provided with all the necessary equipment and supervised by experienced staff.

Of course, everything is done in accordance with strict safety standards, under the watchful eye of instructor.  The clothing required is casual and closed tennis shoes must be worn.

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